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M.T. emerged onto the hip hop front in Central Texas in 2014. He has since released a full length album, an E.P. and released numerous other tracks arranged by San Antonio producers like 2020, Yung Hunna, Almari, and Kid Ocean. He likes to tell it how it is, keeping a fine balance between EGO and ID, keeping up with his feelings and current events alike. Most notable is his energy and passion broadcasted at live shows. He has a charisma thats sometimes charming, in your face or most often inspiring. To hear his music, subscribe to him @ Follow him on Twitter @MT_the_Realist and Facebook as well.

M.T. has performed at 2 TBE live events and was our first guest feature on the TBE Variety Show Podcast.

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Chief and the Doomsday Device

Chief (aka Greg Williams) and the Doomsday Device is a San Marcos,TX native who's performance is rigorous, deep, powerful, and in your face. He blends a progressive production style flawlessly with his highly developed, organic, and experienced poetry.He has been making music for some time now and you can hear the honing of talent with each release. He's played alongside other talents by the likes of De La Soul, Public Enemy, Ghostface Killah, GZA/The Genius, RZA, and Aesop Rock. He's an amateur photographer, philosopher, and cinema enthusiast.



You can learn more about Chief by visiting his stunning website


The Deer

From the About section on

"Transcendental folk and stargaze surf-country band The Deer create psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. They are borne of Austin's densely creative atmosphere. Members include frontwoman Grace Rowland Park (The Blue Hit), upright bassist Jesse Otis Dalton (MilkDrive), guitarist Michael McLeod (Good Field, Linklater film composer), drummer Alan Eckert, and string player Noah Jeffries (MilkDrive, South Austin Jug Band). Frequent collaborator Roger Sellers (Bayonne) adds some of his touch to their songwriting and production.

The Deer were recipients of a major grant from Black Fret in December 2017. They made Austin Music Awards’ Top 10 Best Performing Folk Bands for the past 3 years, and their cover art made Austin Music Industry Awards’ Top 5 Best Album Art twice. They've played festivals like Kerrville Folk, Old Settler’s, Utopiafest, Winter WonderGrass, Oregon Country Fair, SXSW, and co-billed with Elephant Revival, Big Thief, Wild Child. They are currently touring nationally and recording their 4th album."

Visit THEDEERMUSIC.COM to find their music, story, tour dates, and accolades!

Professor Julius

From the lips and finger tips of Julius:

"Greetings and salutations my dear and future friends!

My name is Professor Julius (Julius. Henry Arlt,III) and I'm writing this in an effort to extend to you my unique set of services and skills. 

My brand of blues-based, Hendrixian-flavored Musical alchemy has never been finer honed. I've studied for years trying to find that perfect fun to music to rock to wow ratio, which has then been distilled into what I've come to affectionately call, my "Patented Musical Remedies!"

I've been charged by Music to spread my love and understanding of it to anyone that has the want to find it, and my first LP "Scratches for Atom" is the first step in my plan to do just that. I'm so excited to share these songs with you and hope that you like them enough to tell everyone you come into contact with! 

In celebration of this, our first, full-length album, I'm heading out into the world (starting with Texas) to unleash my particular formula for musical badassity in a wide range of shows, from intimate acoustic, to full on, mind-blowing, holographic, comedy-rock fusion that's more of an experience than just a live show. 

Look for us in your area soon, and keep an ear to the ground for my upcoming, ultimate Remedies infusion, "The Invention of the Dinosaur," a self-teaching master class in music and guitar work, sure to tickle anyone's ear-bone!!!"

-Professor Julius


Professor Julius has performed at 2 TBE live events and has a feature in episode 2 of the TBE podcast.


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From the Bio on Lazy-K's Facebook page:

"Coming at you with heavy hitting bass and whomping wobbles is LAZY K aka Keith Crawford. A young and inspiring dj/producer known for his high energy performance, sense of creativity, and incredible track selection. As he continues to build a name for himself, he has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as, Liquid Stranger, BARE, Messinian, Run DMT, CRIZZLY, Megalodon, AFK, Evol Intent, HavocNdeed, Will Bailey, Whiskey Pete, Donald Glaude, Lea Luna, Jefferson Funk, Fabian Bates, Exceed, . When you see Lazy K behind the decks be prepared to lace up your dancing shoes, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!"

Lazy-K has performed at 3 Trial By Error Live Events and also has a feature in Episode 3 of the TBE Podcast. 

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Whiskey Ignition

Whiskey Ignition is Justin Knight, William Anderwald, Jonathan Turner, and Josh Small. They have played in and around San Antonio and Austin for the last 10 years, including 3 live TBE events. They have been featured on the Podcast and continue to support TBE in various ways from promotion to live sound engineering. 

Whisky Ignition officially formed in 2007 in Pipe Creek, TX. The bands hard hitting debut studio album "Before They See" was released in 2016. They have played over 200 shows together!  They have also released one live album, End of the Night (2014), both albums are available through the band.

Whiskey Ignition is featured in episode 6 of the TBE Variety Show Podcast. 


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Brother Wives

Brother Wives are from Austin,TX and are destined to see the world one Cabaret and Hole in the Wall bar at a time! Hear a song from them in the Season 2 Premier (Episode 26) and stay tuned for a full feature coming winter 2018! 

Find their music on our Spotify Playlist, on in our Collection and on our Facebook Page storefront! 



Conwaythewhale is more than an wigged out rock and rumble,indie/alternative project with a couple of demos, its a collective of some of San Marcos' finest musical mavericks! Fronted by Justin Conway, the live act never lets you down as it is packed full of energy, friendly crowd stroking, and heavy lyrical slams. Side note: Conway is also the host of many of the goings on in the San Marcos area covering the consistency of emerging bands from near and far. The two EP's available on bandcamp are, sadly, mere demo versions but there are recordings in the making and (we assume) higher quality versions of these songs available soon! Another aspect of CONWAYTHEWHALE that is hard to overlook is the artwork associated with each album or live event. Its often orchestrated by Alessia Meola and seems to accent the whole project near perfectly. You may find her artwork here!





The Vile Assembly is based out Liverpool, England and consists os Paul Mason, Mark Webb, and Mark Wainwright.

"After 3 lifelong friends embraced a evening of reminiscence in New York City and a chance meeting with a British music legend, who was open to a 10 hour walk through of his and other great creators of music ,literature and politics ,The Vile Assembly was born with the idea to say what needed to be said about what is really happening to the public funds and social wellbeing of real humans by evil corporate tax dodgers and governmental criminals. After further meetings, long telephone calls and studio time in both New York and Liverpool, the main framework for the start of this project came to life and the start of a journey took shape. Our song Suicide Feast, a song about how we have become desensitised to the homeless problem on our streets and how these evil corporations get richer and richer through our ignorance and our fear that the rich are the mighty and the powerful, has been played on radio stations in France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Canada and all over the U.K.  The song has been championed by Tom Robinson on his BBC 6 show saying" when I heard Suicide Feast I absolutely had to play it, its musical intent you just can't fake". 

So join us in our journey around the world. Join us point out the real Vile Assembly"


The Vile Assembly is featured in Episode 9 of the The Podcast. 


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Revenant Dead

"Out from the depths of the industrial city of Birmingham (England, UK) which holds a very rich metal history, formed a group which puts their own take on the genre, bringing in modern sounds from other styles of music to the mix, such as metal, rock, industrial, and electronic music.
The band has always aimed to work with renowned industry professionals to create a strong brand, with strong media assets. They have worked with Steve Gerrard (Photographer),  and Gustavo Sazes (Artwork for 'Two
Evils'), and hired a design agency to create their band logo. To record their first two albums, they self funded the recordings at Robannas Studios (Birmingham), and 'Two Evils' was mastered at 'Oasis Mastering' in Burbank, California.
Revenant Dead released their first full-length CD “Imperial Rape March”  to outstanding reviews."

The Revenant Dead is featured in episode 9 of the TBE Variety Show Podcast.

-Exerpt From the Revenant Dead Press Kit


Links to the whole Sha-Bang:

Latest Videos;

The Rising Phoenix:

Club Dead

Heroes Without Villains

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Official Website:
YouTube Channel:



From the FREE KITTENS and BREAD website About Section:

"Free Kittens & Bread is hitting the road January — March for a full US tour!  With plans to play in well over thirty cities in seven weeks, they’ve taken just a moment’s rest before kicking it up a notch since their most recent West Coast tour in November.

The band was formed in early 2013, starting out as Chase Spruiell’s acoustic solo project before morphing into the four-piece indie rock band it is today.  Known internationally for consistently high energy punk shows mixed with the heart of old folk tunes, the band have gathered a steady community looking out for their next dates and new releases.  Their single “Brainless” from their first full length, American Miserablist, has been called an “instant indie punk classic”(Bearded Punk).

Free Kittens & Bread is currently working on a new 2018 album and have a handful of new, unreleased songs they plan to showcase at the upcoming shows.  With the majority of the band being native Texans, touring members Chase Spruiell, Gabe Garcia, Kaci Taylor, and Clint Sonnier’s main hope for the winter tour is to not freeze to death.  After this tour the band will continue recording the next album and begin planning the next tours, and will likely be together until the universe contracts, tearing everything and everyone apart."





Black Suburbia is making music to dance and skate to from Groton, CT. They have been a group since 2013 and have released a mixtape entitled "BLACK BURBS" available for free download. Despite the obviously different subject material featured in writing of Black Suburbia, they have often times found themselves compared to the infamous ODD FUTURE for their antics during video documentaries and hangouts.

Black Suburbia is featured on episode 6 of the TBE Variety Show Podcast.

They are currently making more music and we at TBE encourage to follow their career from the links below:






Luke Bar$ is a young rapper from Massachusetts who has plans of releasing his first full length body of work in 2017. He has a soundcloud with examples of his work.He can be heard in the Radio Show episode of the podcast Episode 15. 

Soundcloud Connect:




From The ABOUT section on Kailey's Facebook Page:

"Kailey Miller is a pianist and singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Captivating audiences with her powerful lyrics and melodic piano, Kailey can control the emotions of a room with every key she plays. Her sound, much like a mix of Norah Jones, Noah Gundersen, and Sara Bareilles, mixes her commercial writing style with her years of jazz and classical training. Known well in Tennessee for her versatility on stage, Kailey is growing her loyal fan base with every performance."


Kailey has music available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and its even available from her own website so do your self a favor and check  it all out today! 




"Unself" + "Ego" + "Plenum" Available at

From the ClutterCulture Facebook:

"Clutterculture started in the southside of Stockholm and is made up by two life long friends: writer/ vocalist Hampus (HKL) and producer/ beat-maker Freddie (FKD).

As HKL started studying to become a professor in social science a few years back, he also picked up a notepad and started putting words together. FKD had been making instrumental music for some time and suggested they should start recording together. It turned out pretty dope and thus the foundation of what would grow to be Clutterculture had been laid, which today could simply be described as an empirical study of humanity and identity through mellow chords and electronic beats creating a sound that stems from hiphop, R&B, soul & jazz.

“If the world was clear, art wouldn’t exist.” 
- A. Camus"

You can hear the interview alongside the EP "Unself" by Clutterculture on Episode 11 of the podcast as well as new music from the "EGO' Ep in Episode 15 of the podcast. Their music is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I highly recommend this group! 



From the "About" Page on Shawn James Facebook:

Born in Chicago in 1986, singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Shawn James discovered the power of soul in music he experienced while growing up on the south side.

His blend of blues, folk & soul music is full of contrasts -- dark and light, anger and joy, earthy and airborne – while remaining gritty and real. 

Since releasing his first album in the fall of 2012, his music has reached millions of people. His songs have been featured on CBS, HBO and most recently in Sony Playstation’s trailer for their upcoming blockbuster game “The Last of Us 2”.

Shawn James brings extreme passion to his music. You feel it in the imaginative, highly nuanced songwriting and see it in the powerful live shows where there’s never the slightest hesitation and nothing is held back. And, most importantly, you can hear it resonate in Shawn’s most powerful instrument: the unique, soulful voice that sounds like it is literally being torn out of his heart…and it is something you won’t soon forget.

Band Bio:
Shawn James & The Shapeshifters are a 4 piece heavy blues rock band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their brand of hard hitting electrified dirty delta blues rock combined with Shawn's soulfully roaring vocals make for an intense listening experience whether playing the records or seeing them live.

With their busy tour schedule, you can catch them playing festivals and shows all over the world or hear their music featured on Discovery Channel, NBC, and other media platforms.

They've continuously gained momentum every year since they formed in 2013 and show no signs of slowing down.


You can hear Shawn talk about tour prep, shows overseas, studio production, and more in the interview in Episode 2 of the podcast and also hear his music in the Radio Show episode, Episode 15 of the podcast.





Audic Empire was formed in late 2010. Since then they have been turning heads in the Austin music scene with their psychedelic, Reggae/rock and feel good tunes. They have a high intensity performance and an astonishing sound with the contrast of two singers, their Red Hot solo Guitarist, and rock solid rhythm section. Audic Empire has played with numerous great artists and festivals. Audic’s first album Sativa SunRise will be debut in 2015, but they have released their Sativa Sunrise EP which is available on, Hard copies are also available. You can listen and download songs from and will also be coming soon to iTunes. With the rapid growth of their reggae/rock sound, Audic Empire is on the rise with their journey to produce a unifying sound wave of love and music.


Audic Empire performed at Mansfield Park fro the TBE 2.5 Variety Show in March of 2017. 




From the "About Section" of the 2nd Hand Band Facebook:

"Although our styles may differ, the four of us each take pride in possessing a precious ingredient to making music : knowing what we like. Basic as it seems, having an ear for the right riff, the right beat, or the right lyric plays a crucial role in our collaboration, and in our musical capabilities, not only to play in our own right, but also to play well together. After a couple years of gigging and writing and shaping our music, we're proud to say we enjoy playing together, and together we shall play, and chase the dream."


2nd Hand Band can be heard in Episode 14 of the podcast.









Stereofiend is a San Antonio,TX based group comprised entirely of live instruments. 2 dope MCs, live drums, bass, and guitar to make up a musical fusion of Funk, Latin, and Hip-Hop.


"A sickly sweet injection for your musical infection. Cure all your ills, no matter how you feels. An anti-toxin concoction to stimulate your very being. Its the super sonic sounds of StereoFiend!"

Hear the EP "Urge and Grit" in episode 13 of the podcast and check them out on social media to stay connected!


StereoFiend Channel




Phantom Chatter is the a 3 piece rock band from Boerne,TX and they are the shit. 

Check them out on Soundcloud and All the social media platforms you surf regularly! 





"Having the ambitious wish to propel the entire world into a melodic vortex, Marquis of Vaudeville emits an extraordinary sound that spirals listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. One never knows what moodswung journey they’ll embark upon once these musical highwaymen hijack their consciousness.

With imagination at its core, the theatrical flair and intriguing nature of their songwriting has grasped the attention of music lovers from the most critical of music elitists to the average radio listener. Although performing frequently at pop culture fandom, goth/horror, and steampunk conventions, the musical menagerie is widely known for their own extravagant Vaudevillian inspired sold-out spectacles such as 'A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium', 'Gadgets & Gobstoppers: TheTwisted World of Wonka', and the show that shares the grandiose title of their ambitious debut album "The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts"; album available on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby

The group is known the world over for their progressive, carnival-esque punk cabaret stylings, fusing timeworn elements of the old world with newfangled innovation, and due to the music's mysterious, yet playful nature, they have befittingly dubbed the style "melodic mischief".

Internet and terrestrial radio such as Dallas' leading rock/alternative stations 97.1 The Eagle & 102.1 The Edge, as well as Houston's 94.5 The Buzz, have embraced their music and featured such songs as 'An Ordinary Day'; a theatrically twisted punk-cabaret thrill and 'Corps of Night'; a rebellious anthem to lead the lost and hearten the forgotten. MoV also performed in 2015 at 102.1 The Edge's major music festival Edgefest with other artists such as DeathCab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, and The Offspring.

The act has composed and licensed music for a variety of film projects & television shows such as the syndicated series 'Charmed' & Showtime Network’s hit series 'Dexter'. They've also been featured in such publications as Race Point Publishing's book 'Anatomy of Steampunk' as well as 'Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue'

The group has been frequently showcased on several music compilations, the most recent being ‘Exploding in Sound’s 'Bands You Need to Know' with a glowing review stating:

“This Dallas five piece knows a thing or two about hypnotic and beautiful melodies. Marquis of Vaudeville craft alternative rock gems that remain accessible while they wander through space and time. Singer/guitarist Toby Lawhon’s voice dazzles and dances with incredible talent that would make Ours’ Jimmy Gnecco proud. With strong memorable songs, this is the music modern rock radio should be getting familiar with.”

Doug Brod, former Editor for Spin Magazine had this to say of their compelling music, "Venus to Vertigo and Bright Star Hope, that mix of pleasant pop and hard-rock dynamics, this stuff is so slick and
well-constructed. Very impressive.”

Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls applauds the band with, "Ziggy meets Marc Bolan outside Max's Kansas City. Makes me want to break out some sequined leggings and spit on the sidewalk. Space-age modern-age glam nostalgia."

Alan Ayo of the Dallas Observer and a former DJ of 102.1 The Edge praises the band's vibe stating, "Marquis of Vaudeville's self-titled debut is a shrewd fusing of twinkly pop, gaze-at-the-stars vocals and melancholy melody outlined with edgy, trenchant guitars...This is music to paint your own mental picture while listening to—a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll with a fair share of emotion, invention, and imagination."

Hate them, love them, they demand the world take notice, and desire to incite something genuine, to inspire sincere emotion despite the world’s mind numbing mediocrity and generic mass production. Marquis of Vaudeville is a tantalizing flavor for even the most finicky musical appetite."

The Marquis of Vaudeville can be heard in episode 10 of the podcast! I highly recommend this band! 




Rebecca Loebe


From the story page on her website

Since quitting her job as an audio engineer, Rebecca has received an armful of songwriting accolades, including the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Award, as well as praise from the mainstream pop world (“I just love listening to you sing”~ Adam Levine). Recently relocated from her hometown of Atlanta, GA, she now lives in Austin, TX, where she tries her best to keep a garden growing between an average of 150-200 tour dates per year. 

On one stop at home, Loebe learned that her tiny independent music empire was up for a routine audit by the IRS. During the many subsequent hours that she spent contemplating the nature of money, time and a decade spent traveling the world armed only with songs and her trademark relentless optimism, songwriting was the only distraction she would allow herself. She describes it as “one of the most prolific musical periods of my, thanks IRS!” (In case you’re wondering, she represented herself in her audit hearing and there was no change to her taxable status.) 

Blink reunites Loebe with producer Will Robertson for their first collaboration since 2010’s Americana Top 40 Album, Mystery Prize, which landed on many year-end lists including the Americana Music Association’s Top 100 Albums of the Year. The 11-song collection of new originals is equally inspired by soul, folk and southern rock. Heavy on vibe and light on overdubs, Loebe’s award-winning voice, both as a singer and a songwriter, is masterfully supported by the nuanced real-time performances of a close-knit five piece band.

In 2017, she’ll be touring the world to share the songs of Blink, embarking on her eighth international tour and hoping to cross the final six states of the U.S. off her list.


Rebecca Loebe is featured in Episode 19 of the podcast and hopes to play the next (fan-funded) TBE LIVE!@ 





The Rotten Mangos (Trance Rock/Psychedelic/Spirtual/Indie) hail from South Texas, formed officially in 2014 and currently reside in the "Live Music Capitol of the World" Austin,TX. The group has released 2 EPs and a single which are both available on bandcamp! You may hear an interview with them on episode 22 of the podcast and can hear thier music in the Spotify playlist constructed by TBE host Chaznik Raab by clicking the following link:

To Book The Rotten Mangos or give a pleasant shout out please contact them via and be sure to follow them on all social media platforms!


 Rotten Mangos Youtube Channel

Poly Action


Poly Action is an indie rock band from Austin,TX. They released their debut album in the fall of 2017 entitled "Baby's First Rock N' Roll" and its smashing. Chopped full of catchy riffs, insightful lyrics, and novel concepts, the album floats from song to song taking listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions and sounds. They band plans to tour in the winter/spring of 2018 and can be seen all over Austin on a good night out! 

You can get to know them a little better in Episode 24 of the podcast and buy their music at where you can get full sheets of lyrics and other fine merchandise! 


Poly Action Channel



Bandcamp Release!

Annabelle Chairlegs


Hailing from New Jersy, blossoming in Santa Fe, and landing in Austin,TX Annabelle Chairlegs is kicking ass and taking names! They are self proclaimed "Gaudy" rock but I would classify it as trance psychedelic indie and awesome! You can hear some of the debut album "Watermelon Summer" in episode 25 of the podcast and stream the full album on Spotify. 

Check them out on all social media platforms by searching "ANNABELLE CHAIRLEGS" and support the directly with the links provided below.



Annabelle Chairlegs Channel

36" Wheels


36" Wheels is a Punk/Country band from San Marcos,TX