The Origins

Ever since the abrupt close of the old Cabaret Dance Hall, Chaznik Raab, Bandera,TX native and musician of 17 years, struggled to find a suitable local scene for whom to embrace the likes of his alternative music in a town historically resistant to rock, hip-hop,metal etc. In attempt to assemble such a scene himself he set out to form the "Bandera Artist's Alliance". With massive social media and word of mouth promotions he made it happen. Although he had no idea what was about to happen,  the experience, Chaznik claims to have had was so profound, it would change the future of Bandera forever! 


On a syrupy sunday morning, in the cozy Dogleg Coffee House, during the first and only meeting of the alliance, with such small numbers,  he claims the urgency swept over him as it became apparent that Bandera,TX , his hometown of 28 years, the self-pronounced "Cowboy Capitol of the World" was holding back! He knew without a doubt there  was more than country music, more than swing music, and more than cowboys crying about their alcholoism  behind acoustic guitars. He began to really wonder if the tastes of music was boundless for this, a group of open minded, hard working, ambitious and highly talented musicians. 


He began to  ponder of a social experiment that would somehow bring him closer to this discovery. This small group that had showed up, full of free living jammers, proceeded to have an open session jam that transcended into a vision for Chaznik. In the momentous music he claims he could hear and see the near future of his idea, unfolding in this newly improvised build-up. In this group, this tiny sliver of consciousness who seemed aside from the mostly apathetic counter society, he saw promise. Chaznik saw like minded people dedicating their free time to orchestrating emotional vibration, an unsung cosmic service to the implementation of this new music in all its many forms directly into this creative drought stricken realm in which he felt smothered in. He had vivid visions of a stage in which all ages of musicians, all genres of music, from all over the tri-county area, even his friends band or any aspiring locals with just a shred of well crafted material could showcase it while impressing small huddles of favorably fascinated folks. A platform where creativity and originality were deemed merit-able. He saw the massive contribution as an exalted vessel in which to circulate and hydrate a stagnant culture. He envisioned an activity that would break functional normality into the a million pieces, that he could then assemble back together into a bright mossaic. From this day forward the manifestation of what would become known as the Trial By Error Variety Show had began...

Podcast Scene

Just like the many stages in which Trial By Error Variety Show has hosted live shows, the podcast platform is geared towards much that same idea. The idea that all genres of music deserve a fair platform for promotion, examination, and exposure. We, the volunteer staff of TBE, dedicate what little spare time outside of our 9-5/Musician lives to round up local, national, or international artist from all genres to talk about what they are doing in their music scene. It's that simple. Bands who are featured or wished to be on this podcast are offered the chance to perform in our Bandera, TX based studio or using the best technology available (Skype/Facetime) be interviewed about the life of the artist's day to day, their writing process, political views, or maybe just nerd out on music that inspires us as individuals and as a collective whole. There is no realm we are not willing to explore. The podcast itself is FREE with no need to subscribe. We value any and all feedback, so please don't be shy, find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr! Search for the one and only "TRIAL BY ERROR VARIETY SHOW"! Namaste. -Chaznik